Crown tournament

Anyone have any happy news?

Four gone in three weeks in just too much. I'm afraid to even open my email at this point.

So, anything good going on?

Weddings? Engagements? Babies? Jobs?

I'll take hearing about a good hair day at this point!

Let me hear it...

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I'm still here, just haven't had a lot of time to be on LJ in a while.  If you've done something cool, or there was something big, could you let me know?

I had a great time yesterday at Crown.  It was really very nice to see friends and relax.  I was so happy to see  bds_duncan elevated to the Order of the Pelican, and it gave me great pleasure to be able to speak on his behalf during the ceremony.

I also love my new userpic, courtesy of barondietrich .  Thank you!! :)
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Crown tournament

Yahoo is eating my mail

For some reason, I have not been getting some of my mail to my Yahoo account.  If you have sent me something over the last month and I have not responded, please let me know.  I can give you a different account also.

Of course, all the spam crap is coming through just fine. 
Crown tournament

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I find it very amusing that baron_larry is downstairs cooking bacon and our kitten Bo is upstairs begging me for it.   Hmmm...where is the weak link in this family?

Now, if this darned cold would go away, I'd be very happy.
Crown tournament

While I should have been packing...

I baked tonight!   Really, really baked.  I haven't done any serious baking in ages.  But tonight, two loaves of cranberry bread and what started as a carrot cake and turned into a carrot, golden raisin, walnut, coconut concoction.  Yum!
Crown tournament

Thursday fluff

After a conversation yesterday about Chef-Boyardee, I started thinking about some of the odd food combinations I still eat. Although I definitely have a more discerning palate now, there are still some favorite combinations that I will go back to every once I a while. Here are some of mine:

Bread and butter pickle chips and cheddar cheese (yes, together)
McDonalds fries dipped in a vanilla shake.
Scrambled eggs and ketchup

So, what strange food/food combinations do you like?
Crown tournament

Birthday :)

Even though I may need to add another year to my age today, I still have the best friends. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. You all really have made the day very special!
Crown tournament

Event wrap-up

What an awesome event yesterday!  The site was fantastic and there were plenty of activities for all to enjoy.

 I had such a great time in the fencing scenarios and truly appreciate all the fencers letting me join them.  I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at an event, especially in the last scenario when I actually started using the dagger I was holding…surprise :)  It was so much fun that I think you guys may have me hooked!  One of the amusing aspects was that Don Nigel had areas set aside for the spectators where they could throw “rocks” at the fencers.  Unbeknownst to me,[info]baron_larry snuck up and threw a rock, hitting me and quickly ending the second round of the day.  That’s ok dear, I think it may be time for me to get qualified as a combat archer:)

 There was an archery tournament during the day. [info]lanome shot beautifully and won the tournament, even if she did torture poor Mickey in the process.  It was a joy to watch all of the archers.

 For the first time, we had equestrian activities at one of our Barony’s events.  We really appreciated all the time and effort put into the travel and organization to make this possible.

Court went really well. [info]weezeld did a fantastic job as herald, eloquent as ever. [info]siobhan1214's calligraphy was beautiful on the scrolls and we were most grateful for the delicious cranberry wine as well as[info]merricke’s fabulous ale. 

 It was a wonderful day to catch up with old friends as well.  A couple from our household came down for the day, as well as a long-time friend we don’t get to usually spend enough time with.

 It was truly a great event and I am most thankful to all who worked and participated in the event.  Hopefully we can do this again next year.